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Casablanca Water Treatment Plant—Spain

Location:  Zaragoza, Spain
Modules Used: Crystalline PV CHSM 6610 M
System Size:  2.35 MW


Inner Mongolia Erdos Airport 35kV Substation—China

Owner: Inner Mongolia Erdos Airport

Work Scope: Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 35kV Substation of the Airport Renovation and Expansion Project

Location: Erdos, China

Angola National Hospital & National Health Center Distribution System—Angola

Owner: Angola National Hospital & National Health Center

Work Scope: Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 10kV & LV Distribution Stations

Location: Malanje, Angola

Nigerian Stock Exchanges—Nigeria

Client: Nigerian Stock Exchanges

Where: Nigeria

Background: Electric components from Chint were used in the control cabinet of the Nigerian Stock Exchanges buildings.

Products Used: MCCB NM1

British Telecom—UK

Client: British Telecom

Where: UK

Background: BT Group is one of the largest telecommunications services companies in the world and has operations in over 170 countries. Since 2006 MCB from Chint were used in its distribution box in UK and other countries.

Products Used: MCB NB1

Royal Orchid Hotel—Tailand

Client: Royal Orchid Hotel

Where: Tailand

Background: Royal Orchid Hotel is a Five-star luxury hotel located in the downtown of Bangkok. All the electric components in this 35-storey building were provided by Chint.

Products Used: MCB NB1
                              ACB NA1
                              RCCB NL1
                              MCCB NM1;NM6

Lider Supermarket—Chile

Client: Lider Supermarket

Where: Chile

Background: Lider supermarket is one of the biggest supermarket chains in Chile. Chint provides 100% of the electric components for one of its store in Chile.

Products Used:  MCB NB1
                               ACB NA1
                              RCCB NL1
                              MCCB NM1
                              BZMJ Self-healing Shunt Capacitor
                              AC Contactor: NC1

Hangzhou East Railway Station PV System—China

Location:  Hangzhou, China
Modules Used: Crystalline PV CHSM 6610P
System Size:  10 MW

Clean Harbors Environmental Services—USA

Location:  Bridgeport, NJ, USA
Modules Used: Crystalline PV  CHSM 6610P
System Size:  1.5MW


The Social Housing Committee of Angola—Angola

End User: The Social Housing Committee of Angola

Where: Luanda KILAMBA Kianxi, Angola

Background: The Social Housing projects are the major program for the Angola government to solve the national housing difficulties, which is located in the Cacuaco-Dande District of Luanda. The project consists of 85 thousands of house and auxiliary facilities.

Products Used: 23 bays of 126kV GIS from CHINT are used in its substation for power transmission for the facilities.

Kiev Boryspil International Airport —Ukraine

End User: Kiev Boryspil International Airport

Where: Kiev, Ukraine

Background: In order to cater to the needs of the Europe Cup 2012, the Kiev Boryspil International Airport Terminal D was built. With the cooperation of Chintengineers and Boryspil, the project was completed as scheduled. The whole substation was installed within in one month. Products used: 8 bays of 126kV GIS, two 110kV power transformer, 54 sets of 10kV switchgears from Chint were used in its substation.