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110kV Hainan Steel Substation—China

Owner: Hainan Steel Company

Introduction to Owner: Hainan Steel Company is one of China's largest producers of iron ore-rich.

Work Scope: Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of transformation of West District 110kV Substation of the owner

Location: Hainan, China

Sion Steel Project—China

Location:  Huzhou, China

Modules Used: Crystalline PV CHSM 6610P

System Size:  4.25MW

Completion Time:  2012 


Client: Baosteel

Background: Baosteel is ranked as the world fourth largest company in scale in steel industry and comes in second in terms of profitability. The electric products from Chint are applied in its major projects as follows:

•Remote Overhauling Projects of NO.1 and NO.3 Blast Furnace

•The 110kV Iron making Substation

•Comprehensive Technical Reconstruction Project of Continuous Casting System

•The Tiexi Substation

•Reconstruction project of the Recalculating Water System

•The wastewater of Hot Steel Rolling Pumping Stations