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Saudi Electricity Company(SEC)—Saudi Arabia

Time: 2008

Where: Saudi Arabia

Background: After a series of comprehensive and rigorous audits, Chint now is a certifatcated supplier for SEC and has won some major projects of SEC.

Products Used: MCCB NM1

Uruguayan National Power Plant and Transmission—Uruguay

Time: 2010

Where: Uruguay

Background: With cost-effective and good quality Chint established stable cooperation with the National Administration of Power Plants and Transmission of Uruguayan (UTE).

Products Used: MCBNB1

                              RCCB NL1 

                              MCB DZ158 

220kV SMCO Power Transmission Project—D.R.Congo

Owner: Societe National d'Electricite Zaire (SNEL) & Shituru Mining Corporation

Work Scope: Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 220kV SMCO Substation and 220kV SMCO-RC Transmission Line

Location: Likasi, D.R. Congo

220kV AIS Rohri Grid Station—Pakistan

Owner: National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC)

Work Scope: Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 220kV AIS Rohri Station; 220kV Shikarpur Substation Expansion

Location: Rohri, Pakistan


End User: CELEC.EP-Ecuador

Where: Milagro S/E, Milagro City, Ecuador

Background: Since 2008, Chint established strong cooperation relationship with Ecuadorian National Electric Grid Company--CELEC.EP-TRANSELECTRIC.

Produts Used: 4 units 230KV 225MVA, 14 units 138KV 67MVA, 75MVA, 100MVA, 225MVA, 15 units 69KV 16MVA, 20MVA power transformers.

SONABEL—Burkina Faso


Where: interconnexion Bobo Dioulasso - Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso

Background: CHINT cooperated with one of world's largest engineering company Eiffage Energie to build the largest national utility network project in Burkina Faso.

Products Used: 1 reactor 225kV 30MVAr, 2 reactors 225kV 15MVAr, 2 power transformers 225kV/90kV 70MVA; 1 power transformer 225/33/34.5kV 10MVA; 1 power transformer 90/33/34.5kV 20MVA and 1 power transformer 33/34.5 5MVA.

TATA Power Company Limited—India

Client: TATA Power Company Limited

Background: Chint signed a contract with TATA Power Company Limited for supply 4 Nos. of 110KV 90MVA Power transformers, and CHINT become the first and the only Chinese Power transformer manufacturer to become the approved vendor in TATA Power, only 6 global vendors are there. The advantage of fast action, professional service, compact design, low loss figures and low noise level, fast delivery time etc contribute Chint-TATA relationship.

Products Used: Power transformers

Enersis S.A.—Chile

End User: Enersis S.A.

Where: S/E Curacavi & Esco-Elecmetal

Background: Enersis is one of the main privately owned multinational electric power corporations in Latin America. It currently holds direct and indirect participation in electric power generation, transmission, and distribution businesses.

Products Used: 7 units of 145KV Circuit Breaker; 1 unit of 44KV 10MVA Transformer; 2 units of 110KV 25MVA transformer; 110KV composite insulators.

Electric Networks Of Armenia—Armenia

End User:Electric Networks of Armenia

Where:Yerevan, Armenia

Products Used: In the reconstruction of the national grid projects of Armenia, the 110kv circuit breakers and disconnectors provided by Chint were used in its 17 Substations across the country.



Background:CHINT T&D has been providing power power transformers to Costa Rican national electricity and telecommunications services provider--Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad.

Products Used: 14 Units 230kV 45MVA transformers, 5 Units 138kV 45MVA transformers, 1 Unit 230kV 79MVA transformer, 1 Unit 138kV 82MVA, 1 unit 34.5kV 25MVA, 1 unit 34.5kV 7.5MVA