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A World Leading Temporary Power Generation Company—Mozambique & Tanzania

Background: The client is the world's largest power rental companies from UK. In its power rental sector, CHINT has established cooperation with Aggrreko through its projects across Mozambique, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Dominica and other countries. Especially in the year of 2012, the partnership came into a new stage.

Products Used: 275kV GIS, 275kV/45MVA Power Transformer, 275kV Disconnector, 363kV SF6 Circuit Breaker, 275kV Current Transformer, 275kV Capacitor Voltage Transformer and 330kV Surge Arresters

Sudan Ministry of Electricity and Dams—Sudan

Time: 2011

Where: Sudan

Background: Chint has long-term cooperation with the Sudan Ministry of Electricity and Dams, providing electric components for its hydroelectric projects.

Products Used: MCCB: NM1; NM8

                              MCB NB1

Sibayak Geothermal Power Plant—Indonesia

Time: 2009

Where: Indonesia

Background: Sibayak Geothermal Power Plant located in Sumatera Utara has 2 generating unit with capacity of 5.6 MW each units. Products from Chint are widely used in the core component of the control center of the power plant.

100MW Ningxia Shizuishan Solar Power Plant—China

Owner: CHINT Group

Work Scope: Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 10kV & 35kV Distribution System

Location: Ningxia, China

100MW Jiangsu Huadian Guanyun Wind Power Plant—China

Owner: China Huadian Corporation

Introduction to Owner: China Huadian Corporation is one of China's top five wholly owned power generation enterprise group. By 2011, Huadian Corporation has installed capacity of 94.1 million kilowatts and has generated capacity of more than 417.8 billion kwh.

Work Scope: Installation of 110kV Step-up Substation

Location: Jiangsu, China

Eneco Energie 1.7MW Project —Beglium

Project: Eneco Energie 1.7MW project in Belgium

Time: 2012.1

Where: MALLE-WEST/ Beerse / EGEM /AALBEKE /MOUSCRON / PeruwelzXuzhou, Belgium


Chint Power together with Eneco Energie, one of the largest producers and suppliers of natural gas, electricity and heat in the Netherlands, has built 7 commercial rooftop PV power systems in Belgium. The capacity of PV power systems amounts to 1.7MW. The 7 PV power systems are distributed at different places in Belgium. To create extra economic benefits, wienerberger AG installed PV power systems on the spare rooftop and ground space of its brick factories to generate the renewable energy to feed to the power grid.

Products Used: CPS SC20KTL-DO

Client: Eneco

Eneco is an international sustainable energy company, with operations in the Netherlands, the UK, France and Belgium. The Eneco Group headquarters are located in Rotterdam. “Our business is one of the cleanest energy companies in Northwestern Europe, and the first energy company in the world to be declared a Climate Saver by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).”

Energy LLC 176kW Project—USA

Project: Energy LLC 176kW Project in the USA

Time: 2012.9

Where: Texas, USA

Background: Chint Power Systems America completed a 176kW project for 411 Energy LLC in Texas and demonstrated performance to advance the inverter industry in North America. As a leader of 3-Phase string inverter solutions for commercial applications, Chint delivered leading product performance, flexibility and reduced installed cost.

Products Used: CPS SC20KTL-DO/US-480

Client: 411 Energy

Based in Wichita Falls, Texas, 411 Energy is an active solar PV project developer and NABCEP installer in the Central USA region.  They have completed approximately 100 projects for residential and commercial applications. 411 Energy, LLC is a veteran owned SBA funded company.

Ampray Solar 50kW Project — USA

Project: Ampray Solar 50kW Project in USA

Time: Oct., 2012

Where: California, USA

Products Used:   CPS SCE6KTL-O/US

                                CPS SCE7KTL-O/US

End User: Ampray Solar was established in January 2011, and has since installed over sixty residential 10kW to 25kW systems in the KCP&L region of Missouri.  So far they have installed 16 CPS 1ph inverters.

Wij Willen Zon10MW Wijwillenzon Project — Netherlands

Project: Wij Willen Zon 10MW Wijwillenzon Project in the Netherlands

Time: since 2011.3

Wherr: The Netherlands


The project organized by Wij Willen Zon foundation in the Netherlands, aiming to provide more opportunities for household customers to develop sustainable energy generation systems, accelerates the environmental protection process in the Netherlands. Chint Power is the sole inverter supplier of the project. The configuration of the 4 PV systems separately includes one 1.5kw inverter + six 235wp polysilicon PV panels, one 2.8kw inverter + twelve 230wp polysilicon PV panels, one 2.8kw inverter + sixteen 195wp PV panels and one 1.5kw inverter + three 195wp PV panels.


Products Used: Chint Power Systems-CPS SC1.5KTL & CPS SC2.8KTL

Astronergy-235Wp、230Wp and195Wp Polysilicon PV modules

Boogeo-seom PV Plant—South Korea

Location: Songam-dong, Chuncheon city, South Korea
Module Used: Crystalline PV CHSM6610M – 230W
Developer: Chint Group
System Size: 6 MW


Konigsbruck PV Plant — Germany

Location:  Konigsbruck, Germany
Modules Used: Crystalline PV CHSM 6610P
System Size:  2.79 MW 
Developer: VISSOLIS GmbH, Solmotion

Win-tech Solar Farm — South Korea

Location:  Booyeo City, South Korea
Developer: Astronergy Solar Korea & JESE
System Size: 1MW


Toledo- A Joint Venture Solar Park—Spain


Location:  Palacio Cremado, Spain
Modules Used: Crystalline PV CHSM 5612M
System Size:  3.15 MW
EPC:  Bayerische Landessiedlung


Tokyo Electric Company(TEPO)—Japan

End User:Tokyo Electric Company (TEPO)

Where:Yokosuka Thermal Power Plant & Hitachinaka Thermal Power Plant, Japan

Background: After the Japan 311 tsunami March 2011, CHINT cooperated with one of world's largest power rental companies from USA to rebuild some damaged Tokyo power supply system across the disaster-affected area.

Products used: 2 units 66kV 100MVA transformer; 15 units 145kV Circuit Breaker; 12 units 145kV Disconnector; 66kV CT, VT & Surge Arrestor.