Intelligent Building System

Intelligent Building System

System Description

Intelligent building system turns the building from an energy consumer to an active participant in energy market.On the energy management system platform for smart grid users, Chint, by taking intelligent monitoring software as management system, can integrate various underlying sub-systems via the electric energy information management terminal to work out scientific, efficient, energy-conserving and environment-friendly solution for intelligent building.

System Structure and Configuration

Intelligent Building System
The intelligent building system has integrated electric power supply equipments, machines, fire emergency system, security system, environment quality test, parking management to construct a platform for information and resources sharing. With the utilization of renewable energy, distributed PV power generation, smal wind power generation and energy storage systems could be integrated in to the system as well

System function
By defining and analyzing the data’s multidimensional attributes, intelligent building system is able to conduct real-time monitoring and data analysis, thus to reflect the electric energy data in sub-systems. Through calculation, it can also realize coordinated control on multiple distributed power supplies, such as distributed PV system, small wind power system, energy storage system and so on. Moreover, it boasts kinds of functions, including data acquisition and processing, alarm management, equipment management, statistics and inquiry, energy audit, decision-making support, coordination of multiple power supplies, linkage, etc.



Engineering case
Electric Utilities
  • Electric Utilities
  • Power Generation
  • Public & Commercial Facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Metallurgy
  • Petroleum & Chemical
  • Mining