Power Grid Automation System

Power Grid Automation System

System Description

Chint automatic power transmission and distribution system adopts the networked distribution structure to achieve real-time monitoring and control and fault alarming of the power grid and online verification of the protection value. It has advantages of high automation, high reliability, high operability and strong expansibility, and can effectively ensure the reliability of power supply, optimize load distribution and satisfy the increasingly higher application requirements for power distribution equipment.



System Structure and Configuration

Power Grid Automation System has integrated telecommunication, automation control, relay protection and reliable products from CHINT to provide the customers with remote monitoring and control management to ensure stable power supply and optimized load management system.

System Advantages
Advanced cascade protection is adopted to minimize the faults handling range, thus to guarantee the safety of electric utilization. Chint introduces the mode of graded and classified protections as the solution to power transmission and distribution system to minimize the faults handling range and prevent the faults from spreading, thus to guarantee the safety of electric utilization.


Multi-mode monitoring is adopted to accomplish all-round monitoring of the process layer, thus to comprehensively enhance the reliability of electric utilization for users.
Chint’s business ranges over all process-level equipment of the power distribution system, and related mechanical information,and electrical data are measured to completely monitor the core parameters of such equipment. Besides, the communication mode of modern smart grid is allowed, thus the reliability of electric utilization is highly enhanced.



Combination use of multiply distribution modes ensures unique integration of reliability and applicability, thus to guarantee the cost-effectiveness of customer system.
Chint’s power distribution system gives full consideration to application environment, thus customers can employ diverse power distribution modes to combine reliability and applicability smartly, thus reducing the system cost.


Engineering case
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