Solar Power Generation System

Solar Power Generation System

System Description

Chint has been dedicating to the development and utilization of clean energy, thus providing green energy for human beings continuously.







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System Advantages
High efficiency
The systemefficiencyincreases by 2%~10%;
The conversion efficiency of crystalline modules reaches up to 19.1%
The conversion efficiency of thin-film modules reaches up to 11%
The conversion efficiency of PV inverter reaches up to 98.5%;
The MPPT efficiency of PV inverter exceeds 99.9%.



Modular design
Modular design which is the combination products’ key factors to enhance adaptability, facilitate design as well as construction for minimizing project cycle.










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The entire series of Chint products covers whole solar system. The collaborative efforts of
Chint companies to ensure the stability and economy from solar cell to a whole system.

Systematic Solution
With outstanding PV system integration capability and profound PV power plant operation to provide customers with complete solutions, Astronergy has obtained trust from the customers.


Engineering case
Electric Utilities
  • Electric Utilities
  • Power Generation
  • Public & Commercial Facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Metallurgy
  • Petroleum & Chemical
  • Mining