Day CHINT in Yekaterinburg: an informative electric seminar


On 18th of September, an electric seminar was held in Yekarinburg in Eltsin Center, one of the most famous place in Yekaterinburg and Russia. It’s one of series seminar of Day CHINT in Russia.


More than 50 professionals including panel builders, distributors and designers of electric industry joined. CHINT professionals made presentations about the company as well as sales and marketing strategy in Russia. CHINT LV and MV products and solutions were also demonstrated at the seminar to display how we can empower the electrical sector with clean and sustainable energy.


The event certainly increased brand awareness of CHINT in Uralregion and made a good job for future projects and business overall. This yearis the 35th anniversary of the establishment of CHINT. After concrete development in global market over the years, CHINT has experienced continuous upgrading from product output to service output, and then to investment and M&A. The layout of production capacity, project contracting, asset acquisition have been on the upgrade worldwide. The global business is growing at a high speed, blazing a unique path of globalization. The celebration of CHINT 35th anniversary on the seminar makes professionals changed their mind about CHINT to the better and be more confident in us in all aspects.