Sharing & Technical Exchange: CHINT/NOARK H1 Meeting in Prague


More than 50 staff of CHINT subsidiaries in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Russia and The Czech Republic gathered in Prague to join the CHINT/NOARK Europe & Europe-Asia (EEA) H1 Meeting from 15-19 July.


The meeting was divided into main two parts, H1 performance from sales and each functional department, four workshops discussion to dig out the development trend. In the opening welcome remarks, Beibei Zheng, general manager of CHINT EEA region delivered H1 business overview with four significant trends of CHINT EEA. In virtue of joint efforts of all the members, the sales revenue of Middle EU and CIS yielded nearly 30% growth, especially West EU, the sales climbed up to 35% in the first half of 2019.


In the informative technical seminars, delegates obtained a string of cases and technical sharing ranging from logistic, earth leakage protection in residential market, as well as products interpretations including protection against overcurrent using circuit breakers (ACB, MCCB, MCB), motor control systems, HVAC and green energy systems.


The latter four groups workshops on the themes of "how logistic make business successful?", HVAC/green energy system, NGC8 smart switchboards and product & system application, provoked us deep thinking. All good results cannot be achieved without the support and cooperation of all the departments from product management, marketing, finance, logistics and HR. Their reports also gave us more power to achieve growth.


More collaboration, more success. In the second half of 2019, EEA team will fight more faithfully, closely, and strongly to harvest greater achievements. Networking, input-output and then turn on love.