Focusing on Green Energy: the 5th Technical Session of Sunlight


First launched in 2018, the technical session now become a well-known brand name event organized by Sunlight Electrical Vietnam – A CHINT company. This year, continuing with the success of previous technical topics, the next focus group technical session will focus on renewable energy – Solar Power.


In recent years, Solar has became the trend of green energy to all countries. That is the reason that the 5th Technical Session invited Mr Hieu Nguyen, who has 11 years of experience in renewable energy and completed more than 50 solar projects in Vietnam as well as overseas come to present about the topic on Solar Power. He shared with the group the general approach in Solar energy and solar system, concept design for factory and commercial building and the solar storage for grid back up to replace diesel generator. In this event,more than 40 professional guests came to attend and exchanged knowledge.


Technical Session in Numbers

5 Events held

5 Topics discussed

More than 50 topics suggested

123 expert guests attended

70% of guests join technical session more than 2 times


Focus Group Technical Session is a regular event organized by Sunlight Electrical (VN) with different technical topics to embrace Work, Learn and Play environment. In every session, guest speakers who have many years of experience and itself a specialist in Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) are invited to share their knowledge via a short presentation. The objective is to create a learning and sharing environment to exchange knowledges in areas such as new technologies, method of doing design, best practices and etc.