Highly Praised: CHINT Product & Technology Promotion in Cameroon


On June 27th and July 2nd, CHINT Next products and technology promotion seminars were held in Douala and Yaounde, Cameroon respectively. In addition to distribution partners, the seminars also invited over 200 customers from SONATREL, and the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources. Canal 2 International, a local television station, broadcasted the event live.


Due to the competitive advantage of its products, CHINT’s local brand awareness in Cameroon has been constantly improved. Through this promotion and on-site Q&A, customers had a clearer understanding of CHINT's international brand strength, including its longer warranty period, more professional after-sales service, better cost performance, and more comprehensive product chain and service.

In the application environment with unstable voltage, CHINT Next contactor exhibits its unique performance by virtue of its wider coil voltage range. Through joint efforts with local partners, now CHINT has corresponding after-sales teams in Douala and
Yaounde, which can give rapid feedback to customers' problems and doubts.


This is the third big promotion of CHINT in Cameroon since 2018, which makes it a step closer to realize the goal of annual distribution system construction in Cameroon market, but also improves the brand influence of CHINT in the urban area of central and northern Cameroon.