651MW, CHINT Refreshing the Bidding Distributed Solar Market


Official figures coming out of National Energy Administration released the list of domestic solar power station projects including the bidding subsidy category, in which the bids with subsidy yielded nearly 23GW, arousing the excitement of the industry. As the core investor, EPC and participant of domestic solar power station, CHINT Solar won the bidding project with the capacity of 651MW, including 300MW of ground-based solar power station, 350.68MW of distributed solar power station, accounting for 7.5% of the total 4.67GW capacity of distributed solar projects in China.


As demonstrated in figure above, in terms of bidding winning of the distributed solar projects, CHINT Solar took part in 14 provincial and municipal projects, among which 91MW in Zhejiang, and 30MW bids with subsidy in Jiangsu, Henan, Jiangxi, Hubei, Anhui and Shanxi. While the bids on the ground-based solar power stations were in Zhejiang and Hebei.


As the local enterprise in Zhejiang, a province with mass capacity of distributed solar projects, CHINT Solar won high supports with great power station development experience and good corporate reputation. It has boosted Zhejiang to be a model province in solar power station by expanding business partnership with Hikvision, Xiaoshan International Airport, Alibaba, Cainiao Network, Chang’an Ford and KUKA. In recent years, CHINT Solar embracesd rapid development, acquiring 106 MW distributed solar power station project of Longji Green Energy.

By winning the distributed solar projects bidding, CHINT Solar has further consolidated its position as the leading operator of distributed solar power stations in China. Regarding the regional layout, CHINT Solar involved in 60 bidding distributed solar projects (30 each) from Zhejiang to the eastern and central regions, 51 projects of household photovoltaic and 13 projects in the northern and southern regions.


In terms of the ground-based solar power station, the total amount of bidding projects was up to 300MW, with 150MW and 120MW capacity of the two ground-based solar projects respectively in the eastern region. In the northern part, CHINT Solar won the bidding share by participating in the Zhonghao project in Lingshou county. That’s to say, CHINT Solar keeps pace with the industry and actively promotes the sound development of the domestic solar market in accordance with policies, no matter from the total number of distributed solar power and ground-based power stations or the performance of individual projects.