CHINT's first substation project as EPC contractor in Kuwait


CHINT T&D has announced the partnership with Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) of Kuwait by signing an EPC contract on Mutlaa substation project with 6 132kV substations in design, construction, installation and commissioning, marking the first step into substation EPC sector as a Chinese private enterprise in Kuwait.

Muneera Al Omraan, director of contract dept. of PAHW attended the signing ceremony together with Chen Chengjian, president of CHINT T&D. The general manager of PAHW warmly welcomed CHINT T&D team and congratulated to the project.


Rome was not built in a day. CHINT T&D has laid solid foundation for this incredible achievement over years. As early as 2014, CHINT T&D passed the qualified examination of Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW), setting foot on the road to compete with European, American, Japanese and Korean enterprises.

From 2015, CHINT T&D provided equipment for dozens of substation projects of Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), MEW and PAHW, supplying and making use of more than 300 bays of GIS and several power transformers, ensuring the local living and industrial production of electricity and enhancing CHINT brand with high quality and service reputation.

In the support and guidance of this signing, Cheng Yongru, Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy of China in Kuwait, accompanied by Chen Chengjian, president of CHINT T&D, paid a business visit to the well-running Wafra project, where CHINT T&D offered full set of 132kV GIS with modular, miniaturization and maintainable features. Counsellor Cheng congratulated CHINT T&D on the successful signing of the EPC contract. He praised the quality of CHINT T&D products and expressed his wishes of stable and long-term development to CHINT.