CHINT Successfully Won the PV Power Plant Project of India BHEL


According to the report from the India Central Power Authority, the solar power generation has reached to 11.3TWh from January to March 2019 in India, a 57% increase compared to the previous quarter.


Opportunities often comes with challenges. Through more than half year of continuous tracking, CHINT has successfully won the bid for the 13.75MW Talangana PV power station project in India. This was a breakthrough in India PV power generation market under the influence of anti-dumping and anti-bribery policy and fierce local competition.


The contactor and partner of this project is BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICSALS LIMITED (BHEL), the largest engineering and manufacturing enterprise in India in energy-related and infrastructure sector. It is a state-owned enterprise and affiliated to the Indian Ministry of Heavy Industry with a cumulative installed capacity of 183 GW. As one of the largest power engineering companies in India, the company is involved in a wide range of products and services, including utility, power, transmission, industry, transportation (railway), renewable energy etc.

The total installed capacity CHINT has won for this project was 13.75MW, which amounted to multi-million US dollars. According to the latest result of tender released by BHEL, CHINT has also won the bid for Gujarat PV power station project with a total capacity of 34MW, equally to nearly ten million US dollars. The production will start in July and be delivered in September this year. Apart from this, another 58MW project is also in progress.


Customer are highly impressed by the efficiency and solid cooperation of CHINT sales and tech team during the negotiation process. It is a breakthrough for CHINT to enter the supply list of the Ministry of Heavy Industry of India as a Chinese company, also a successful case shows the joint cooperation with CHINT Solar/Astronergy team which make CHINT step forward in India PV power market.