CHINT New Meter Products Are Coming!


Summer is coming. With ever-increasing electricity demand in residential, industrial & mining enterprises, schools and large public facilities, safe and stable assessment of electrical energy and dynamic monitoring is all-important to ensure the stable electricity supply.


CHINT Next Series meter products are star-like when launched by CHINT Meter with excellent quality and super high cost performance. 


The Star-like Electricity Meter Series

The electricity meters, designed and manufactured according to power consumption management requirements of three-phase industrial users, are mainly used in the three-phase power grid with reference frequency of 50Hz (or 60Hz) to measure the electric energy of three-phase residential users, medium and small industrial and commercial users. With the internal of H59 copper circuit and high flame retardant materials, these products are able to effectively reduce the occurrence of heat. Adopting advanced measuring technology and green environmental protection materials, the cost performance of the products is greatly improved, which can easily rank the top place with other products in the industry.


Smart Appearance, Well-equipped, the Advanced Din-rail Meter Series

The Din-rail Meter Series, with functions of measurement and communication, are widely used in power system, communication and construction sectors. In small but with full function, these products use the standard DIN35mm rail installation and are equipped with modular design of the structure to ensure the higher accuracy of the function. They are the brightest stars in the CHINT Next Meters’ family.


Armed with High Technology, the Powerful Digital Panel Series

Another star product is the digital panel series that represents high-tech strength. As a new generation of programmable intelligent meter, it is mainly used for real-time measurement and display of phase voltage, line voltage and phase current in three-phase electrical circuits. It can support RS485 communication, transformation and alarm output functions according to needs. With leading technology and intelligent systems, it is the symbol of CHINT Next technological strength.


However, behind these bright star products, we should see the silent support and research by CHINT Meter teams. They invested 20million yuan and more than 60 core R&D personnel in these products, after conquering the difficulties and 2508 reliability tests, CHINT Next series meter products were launched, and then step into all walks of life and thousands of households. They are becoming the new favorite in power system, communication and construction industry.