CHINT LV Products Finally Received the Import Waiver by DTI


On May 10, the Department of Trade and Industry of Philippine (DTI) and the Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS) jointly granted CHINT an import exemption letter for EB/EBG/NB1-63 series products. Currently, only two international brands in the Philippines electrical appliance market have received import waiver, including the EB/EBG/NB1-63 series of CHINT.

CHINT has been in the Philippine market for 15 years. Before that, all products under 125A needed to be licensed in the form of PS Mark or ICC. The standard requirements for terminal electrical products have always been based on IEC-60947, which is mainly used for distribution circuit breakers operated by professionals. IEC standards committee's requirements for domestic MCB are IEC-60898, applicable to non-professionals, is also an implementation of IEC national general import standards for MCB in the construction industry. Almost all manufacturers of low-voltage appliances have suffered a lot from the IEC-60947, implemented by the Philippine bureau of standards.

In order to make breakthroughs, Lim Say Leong, the IEC Ambassador of CHINT, led the Asia-Pacific team to visit DTI to deliberate over the differences and application places of standards between 947 and 898. After the communication and several visits for more than one year, DTI has improved its standards and finally granted the import exemption letter to CHINT terminal electrical equipment.

The issuance of this import exemption will bring commercial advantages to CHINT, promote the import of partner products, and set up the banner of benchmarking brand in more than ten years of in-depth cultivation in Philippines. At the same time, in the process of discussing the implementation of standards, CHINT has also made significant contributions to the formulation of terminal and distribution product standards, promoting the development of the electrical industry in Philippines.