CHINT Empowering Egypt PV Industrial Park for Clean Energy


Seen from the desert road at north of Aswanin, southern Egypt, neat rows of solar panels are the most striking view. Egypt's first "solar village" - the Benban PV Industrial Park is located here, covering an area of about 37 square kilometers. When fully operational, the park's generating capacity is expected to reach nearly 2,000MW, making it one of the largest PV industrial parks in the world and helping Egypt to meet the goal of 20% of total electricity generation from renewable energy sources by 2020.

The 165.5MW PV power station project in this park, constructed by CHINT Solar in August 2018, is expected to be completed and connected to the grid in June this year. During the construction, the team constantly overcame difficult environmental conditions - nothing but sand, and cooperated with the support of the local technical team. Their aim was to provide the project with components that have competitive advantages and highest efficiency.

According to the annual report by the New Energy and Renewable Energy Administration (NREA), Egypt had invested more than $3bn in renewable energy. By the end of 2018, 90% of Egypt’s renewable energy came from the Benban PV Industrial Park. When fully completed, the park will help reduce carbon dioxide equivalent by 100,000 tons per year.

"Chinese standard", "Chinese technology" won widespread recognition in Egypt PV sector. CHINT Solar actively cultivating in Egypt PV projects can effectively solve the problem of employment of the local people and help to protect the local ecological environment, while reducing exhaust emissions. More profoundly, it would be a powerful booster in the two countries to further deepen cooperation in the field of clean energy.