UN GA President's Thumbs up on CHINT Clean Energy Solutions


Maria Fernanda Espinosa, the 73rd President of the UN GA, recorded a visit to China on her personal social media account:" Today, I visited one of China’s leading clean and smart energy companies. With an annual 2.96 million tons of CO2 emission reduction, they are an example of how innovation and caring for the environment can go hand in hand." 

At the invitation of Wang Yi, the State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affair, Maria Fernanda Espinosa, the 73rd President of the UN GA visited China on June 17, 2018. She is the fourth woman in UN history to head the general assembly.


The Chinese company that she mentioned is CHIINT Group, one of China's leading companies in clean energy and industrial appliances. On the afternoon of June 19, President Espinosa came to CHINT, Hangzhou, conducting an in-depth investigation on the development of enterprise new energy sector, and warmly welcomed by Zhu Xinmin, President of CHINT Group, Lu Chuan, President of CHINT Solar/Astronergy, Huang Haiyan, VP of CHINT Solar/Astronergy.

In the exhibition hall, Dr. Lu introduced the development of CHIINT, focusing on the innovative achievements in smart energy. As a Chinese enterprise, CHINT is committed to depicting a new picture of the energy world and making unremitting efforts to realize convenient, safe, efficient and clean use of energy and improve the living environment of human beings. These progresses were fully recognized and highly appreciated by Espinosa.


Dr. Lu also presented a detailed interpretation about the solar generation and new energy application, the operation, EPC, component manufacturing as well as the four core business of new energy. President Espinosa expressed great interest and conducted in-depth exchanges with him.


President Espinosa highly appreciated the remarkable achievements that CHINT Solar/Astronergy had achieved in innovatively developing and realizing the combination of PV solutions in agriculture, desert and fishery. She said that CHINT's bold innovation to extract the advantages of PV power generation and bring them together to achieve both ecological and economic benefits should be encouraged and promoted.


At the PV module intelligent workshop of the China-Germany Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Base, Huang Haiyan introduced the six intelligent systems with most of the intelligent elements required by German industry 4.0.


In recent years, CHINT Solar/Astronergy has been deeply involved in global new energy industry, providing green energy to all countries. According to a previous ranking of the Top 50 PV power stations in the Netherlands, CHINT accounted for nearly 30 percent of the total installed capacity of the list. At present, CHINT Solar/Astronergy has invested and built more than 500 PV power stations worldwide, with a cumulative installed capacity of more than 4GW. It has also carried out industry-research integration with many top foreign universities to promote the technological development of the industry.