CHINT Sweeping the Ranking List of China PV Brand at PVBL2018


The 4th CPC2019 and "PVBL2018 Annual PV Brand Ranking Award Ceremony", jointly hosted by PVBL and Century New Energy Network, was held in Shanghai on May 10th. Thanks to its powerful industrial chain, investment and financing advantages, outstanding product advantages and PV project development, construction & operation advantages, CHINT Solar has swept the board at the ceremony, winning seven awards namely the Top 10 Power Station Investors Brands, Top 10 EPC Brands, Top 10 PV Module Brands, as well as The Most Influential Household Brand in China of 2018


As one of the first private enterprises to enter the PV power station sector in China, CHINT Solar has built more than 500 PV power stations in South Korea, Thailand, India, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania and the United States, with a total installed capacity of more than 4GW and 800MW under construction.


CHINT Solar obtained all kinds of construction qualifications and EPC ability covering design, procurement, construction, commissioning, grid-connection and operation & maintenance. Taking advantage of the one-stop system solution of CHINT Group, CHINT Solar enhances the cost and quality advantages of the PV power station EPC making the project return rate is higher than the industry average level.


CHINT Solar focuses on R&D and manufacturing of efficient PV modules and also lays out the manufacturing bases in Thailand, Hangzhou, Haining. CHINT has upgraded intelligent manufacturing automation production lines and implemented more stringent quality control standard to build an intelligent manufacturing factory of PV module. Currently, CHINT Solar is the drafters of "Made in Zhejiang" standard, with the capacity of PV module 3500MW.

Meanwhile, CHINT Power won the awards namely Top 10 Central Inverter Brandings, Top 10 String Inverter Brandings and Top 10 Residential Inverter Brandings in China of 2018.


CHINT Power has a full series of PV inverters of 1KW-3.125MW, with a maximum efficiency of 99%, which can meet the requirements of different types of projects such as residential rooftop system, commercial rooftop system and large utility grid-tied PV system. The products have successively passed the certification tests of China General Certification Center (CGC), China Quality Certification Center (CQC), PV "Leader" Program as well as advanced technologies, VDE4105, UL, EN and IEC and other international authorities, and have more than 50 core and patented technologies.


CHINT Power keeps innovating and mastering a number of independent core technologies. Many of its key performance indicators are far ahead in the industry and fully recognized in the industry, with brand influence constantly improving. CHINT Power is committed to promoting  the development and application of solar energy and other new energy technologies, to make green energy conversion and management more efficient and let the world share the rays of the sun.