CHINT Show Its Smart Solution of Water Treatment in Algeria


Destined to key-account industrial customers, CHINT Algeria has successfully held a series of seminars in the end of April right before the month of Ramadan.


On the seminars of April 22th in Algiers and 24th in Oran, CHINT has shared the recent achievement in Algerian market, and also specialized solution for the water treatment sector with over 150 distinguished guests. Most of them are directors, experts and electrical engineers from governmental water treatment facilities in different regions.


With more than 10 years of experience, CHINT has provided automation, information-based products and solutions for more than 500 companies in water industry. Moreover, CHINT has some mega project like Angola RED wastewater treatment plant project and water treatment project for papermaking in Indonesia. They are genuinely impressed with CHINT wide range of product line and one-stop solution for water treatment.


In the meantime, CHINT Algeria has customized two seminars on solutions for CSCEC (China State Construction Engineering Corporation), which is the biggest contractor in the construction and building area in Algeria. The seminar is also a training course about some knowledge about electrical power system and the application of CHINT products accordingly. They highly appreciated the professionalism of local sales team and will keep on a strategic cooperation with CHINT in the future.