The DC Fault Arc Detection Method by CHINT

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With the ever-developing market of clean energy and energy storage system, DC power conversion systems have been widely used in recent years. Fault arcs are more likely to occur in these systems because of the large current and high voltage.


In distributed PV field, residents rely on civil buildings compared to public institutions because it’s the place where they live. If DC arc fault occurs, it will seriously affect the personal safety of residents.


The existing detection methods are based on the RF noise generated by arc or the amplitude variation of the DC current high-frequency components. Both of them are limited by the fact that they will be interfered with the noise caused by the power electronic circuit and surrounding equipment.


To detect whether a fault arc occurred, CHINT Power invented a "DC Fault Arc Detection Method". Based on the multi-frequency inherent characteristics of converter switching frequency, the method used noise signal, generated by the high-frequency DC component, to analyze and calculate the frequency spectrum of fault arc. The detection method is used in CHINT Power 1000Vdc SCA series and 1500Vdc SCH series solar inverters.


As a leading enterprise in the new energy sector, CHINT Power is not only in the forefront of technology and product performance, but also in the development and formulation process of industry standards and application specifications. Firstly applied in inverter in China, DC arc fault detection technology will also become an international industry model.