CHINT & VEOLIA: “Moments” of Veolia China Purchase Seminar 2019


Veolia China Purchase Seminar 2019 successfully concluded in Beijing on April 17. As one of the invited partners, CHINT demonstrated system integration capability and digital products. Meanwhile, detailed interpretation and Q&A interaction by CHINT professional technical experts have been highly praised by customers.


Breaking with the previous tradition, the seminar shared and summarized the cooperation results with suppliers around the world through group discussion. At the high-level leaders’ meeting of both sides, Veolia highly recognized CHINT global layouts and advanced technologies. Regarding the future partnership, Veolia looks forward to strengthening in-depth cooperation with CHINT to expand the market share of CHINT in Veolia.


As early as 2015, Veolia and CHINT have shared common “moments” of mutual interaction in the international business field, carrying out project cooperation on advanced low-voltage components, medium-voltage cabinets, transformers, and motor control center (MCC), etc. Based on this procurement meeting, CHINT is dedicated to implement localization process around the world so as to provide the best system integration and digital solutions worldwide.