CHINT Won Millions of Dollars Order from FONAFE in Peru


The centralized procurement of circuit breakers public bidding for FONAFE, Peru Finance Ministry, ended smoothly late February. With its industry-leading technology and strict compliance product advantage, CHINT LATAM(PERU) S.A.C., a Peruvian subsidiary of CHINT Group, won the bulk order from FONAFE, against numerous well-known local and international competitors.


This FONAFE project was an open tender to centrally purchase circuit breakers for its 11 subordinate powerbureaus, including two independent packages of Lot1 MCBs and Lot2 MCCBs.


On the tender date, the FONAFE bid evaluation committee published the bid amount of each package of the bidders and reviewed the documents completeness. During two months FONAFE hold in-depth communication and strict comparison between each bidder's products and technologies. Finally the owner announced that CHINT was the only qualified bidder, and all the samples, commercial and technical documents provided by CHINT met the requirements of the project.


A number of market breakthroughs have been achieved by CHINT global business sector in 2018, especially in Latin American market, with three consecutive years of rapid growth and a compound growth rate of 35%. Due to these progresses, it has established cooperative relations with nearly all the power companies in Latin American countries, including Venezuela, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica and Honduras.


In 2019 increasingly fierce market competition and saturated market environment, the successful bidding of CHINT LATAM(PERU) S.A.C. will become another important milestone of the international strategy. Thanks to better quality and more professional services, CHINT will develop a broader international market.