2019—Stronger & Bigger! CHINT EGEMAC 2019 Annual Celebration

The annual celebration of CHINT EGEMAC was held in the new Factory in earlier February. It was a big significance of CHINT EGEMAC which has gradually developed and thrived. The board members and the top management team as well as all members were invited to join and celebrated the success together as a Big Family.

团队2 - 副本.jpg

The event included several teambuilding and bonding activities that required work closely together to get to know each other well and shared funny and memorable moments together as one team, which would benefit the overall work environment and enhanced the cooperation between different department to align together towards the company goals and target of 2019.

Meanwhile on the event, employees who served 1-2 years’ and 2 years’ in CHINT EGEMAC were recognized with medals.


The celebration was full of enjoyable and memorable moments. All members were cheerful and grateful for the efforts in 2018, while we also realized there are a head of new challenges ahead. In 2019 we will work harder and cooperatively, believing to make greater success through the belief "Seeing by Believing" and the same goal, same dream.