20-Year Journey of CHINT Brazil Subsidiary

Distributors from the 26 major Brazilian states gathered in the Brazilian subsidiary of CHINT on PAULISTA Avenue, the financial street of Brazil, to witness the historic moment of the 20th Anniversary of CHINT Brazilian market. The newly opened office of the subsidiary welcomed distinguished guests with its unique decoration and modern exhibition hall of the whole industrial chain.


From 1998, when CHINT firstly set foot on Brazilian soil to 2018, when it faced severe economic crisis, its annual sales increased by 115%. CHINT undertook the one-stop photovoltaic project of 2MW in Brazil for the first time and won the bidding of Veolia CELSE cycle power generation smart cabinet project and other business. CHINT Brazil subsidiary continues to achieve growth in an adventure journey for 20 years, during which CHINT Latin Americans, represented by Xiang Jie, has been deeply rooted in the Brazilian market.

At the celebration meeting, CHINT staff made an exciting opening speech, sharing the 20 years' extraordinary experience in the Brazilian market, which deeply inspired CHINT partners and Brazilian subsidiaries. Partners of CHINT provided their imagination and ideas for CHINT to make other splendid achievements in the Brazilian market. Besides, the technical training of low voltage and photovoltaic prepared for CHINT distributors was especially informative and well-received. 


It's a brand new start in 2019. The achievements in the Brazilian market in the past 20 years will become the footstone of its future development. In the face of future market competition and cooperation, CHINT will, as always, deep into the market and strengthen cooperation and localization.