Release and Implementation of Short Circuit Test Transformer Group Standards Led by CHINT

Recently, the T/31SEAMTA000003-2019 "Short Circuit Test Transformer" Group Standard led by CHINT Group, issued and implemented in Songjiang District, filled the gap of national as well as industry standard in the field of short circuit test transformer.


According to the person in charge of CHINT, this standard specifies short circuit test transformer in type, meaning, technical requirements, test items, etc. It is mainly applicable to three-phase and single-phase oil-immersed short circuit test transformer. 


In recent years, large and small short circuit laboratories have been established all over the country in order to meet the over current test requirements of various electrical equipment products. As the key intermediate power equipment in the laboratory system, the reliability of short circuit test transformer is particularly important.  


Prior to this, there were no relevant standards at home and abroad, including international, national and industrial standards, which brought considerable difficulties to the manufacturing, acceptance and evaluation of products. 

Therefore, the establishment of group standards for short circuit test transformers provides design, manufacturing and use criteria for end users, design units, transformer manufacturers and other relevant parties, helping transformer manufacturers to provide high-reliability short circuit test transformers for end customers. 


Last year, CHINT set up a working group to draft standards and led the convening of the standards review meeting. In January this year, the members of the expert group of standards examination and approval discussed the standards for examination and approval one by one. They finally reached a consensus. The standards were submitted for approval by the National Standardization Administration Committee of Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Manufactures Trade Association.

About Short Circuit Test Transformer

Short circuit test transformer is a special transformer. As an intermediate power transformer, it’s mainly used in short circuit laboratories and electrical product inspection centers to carry out extreme over-current tests for power transformers, GIS and circuit breakers, etc. It’s also used to simulate over-current situations such as possible short-circuit faults when the products are running in the power grid.