Launching of CHINT Operation and Management Meeting 2019

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CHINT Operation and Management Meeting was held successfully a few days ago. It gathered more than 1,330 colleagues. Nan Cunhui, the Chairman of CHINT attended the meeting and delivered an important speech.

As a result of the joint efforts of all the company, CHINT had made remarkable achievements in 2018. While facing increasing uncertainties and industry challenges, Chairman Nan pointed out that 2019 is the year of "operation, management reform and upgrading". He stated that we should constantly learn and gain the scientific management methods, actively carry out customer-centered process reengineering, and firmly grasp benefit mainline of input-output and the two safety bottom lines of cash flow and debt ratio.

Based on the keynote speech, the work in 2019 will be carried out under the following guidance:

First, innovation is the inexhaustible power of enterprise development.

With the help of process reengineering and organizational reform, the department and company walls should be broken down. An efficient, synergic and rapid response mechanism should be established orienting towards customer, market and demand to form a smooth "end-to-end" information flow. Furthermore, CHINT should strengthen the market demand oriented R&D system throughout the product integration R&D (IPD) reengineering process.

Second, people-oriented is the development concept.

CHINT will encourage individuals or teams to carry out entrepreneurship and innovation relying on CHINT platforms and resources. At the same time, different forms of equity incentives should be granted to business partners with outstanding contributions. We should also seize the opportunities to promote the group's science and innovation projects as well as innovative enterprises listed.

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Third, strategic management will fuel leapfrog development.

We will accelerate the implementation of strategic plans for CHINT Cloud, IoT and Energy Internet. The integration of automation, power electronics and other generic technology innovation resources will boost the industrialization of intelligent manufacturing, software R&D and core equipment technology development. Besides, we will strengthen the ability construction of organization and carry out domestic and foreign project merger and acquisition and strategic investment.

Fourth, Safety will be the top priority for enterprise development.

Sharing center for finance, tax, manpower, administration, logistics and audit should be built shortly. Relying on big data algorithm, automatic information technology, these works should be solidified including market business development, intelligent manufacturing, platform construction, and production quality safety, etc.

CHINT subsidiaries and functional departments respectively held a study meeting. It is a difficult, continuous and long-term process to promote customer-centered business process reengineering and organizational change. It is also a key step for the high-quality transformation and development of CHINT in the new era. Each one of us is aparticipant, witness and promoter of group change. We are all shouldering a heavy and glorious mission and historical responsibility. Only by evolving ourselves, maintaining opening and reform to adapt to the changing external environment can we seize opportunities and achieve high-quality development.