CHINT NB1L Obtained Approval of the Utility SONELGAZ in Algeria


In November 2018, the CHINT brand -- Residual Current Circuit Breaker NB1L which was produced in Algerian local factory, obtained approval of SONELGAZ (CREDEG). The creation of the NB1L production line was achieved thanks to the partnership between CHINT and the local distributor SARL INTELEC. The implementation of this program mainly focus on infrastructural development such as the construction of social housing but also the renovation of some public buildings.


Indeed, since the implementation of the last five-year development program of Algeria (2015 -2019), the government has made it his mission to revive the productive sectors and social development. The new five-year plan is expected to invest more than 1.5 million public housing units, and the demand for electrical products will increase significantly. However, the Algerian government has implemented multiple policies to restrict imports and encourage local manufacturing in order to promote local manufacturing.


Thanks to the NB1L overseas production line and the utility approval, CHINT will vigorously expand the Algerian housing construction market and related industries to provide users with more security and more effective solutions. Meanwhile, CHINT has achieved a new record in overseas components production. CHINT will further implement the international and intelligent strategy to expand more new and effective business cooperation mode.


About CHINT NB1L Product

NB1L is a Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker, which is usually used in protection against risk of leakage, overload, and short circuit to ensure personal and equipment safety. The product is applied in industrial, commercial, high-rise buildings and residential and other places.