Intercultural Meeting: CHINT Overseas Employees' New Year Visits


In early of 2019, more than 20 foreign employees from all over the world gathered in CHINT China to visit the headquarters.


The first stop was CHINT Group in Hangzhou. In the exhibition hall, they fully appreciated decades of development, business layout and products of CHINT Group. After several discussions and exchanges, they got a deep understanding of CHINT's culture and strategy which made them very excited and delighted.


After the exhibition hall, they enjoyed a relaxed traditional Chinese class of Calligraphy. Each foreign friend was full of interest and eager to try. They were enthusiastic about learning calligraphy for their first time under the guidance of a talented instructor.


Calligraphy embodies the essence of Chinese traditional culture. Practicing it during this special occasion reflected the collision between Chinese and foreign cultures. It also extended blessing and care for foreign employees from CHINT overseas family.


In the afternoon, they went to CHITIC and CHINT New Energy Transparent Factory Production Operation Center, where they got the opportunity to learn more deeply about CHINT smart information, control solutions, smart internet big data and information technology.


The one-day short exchange and visit not only strengthened friendship and communication between overseas employees, but also enhanced their sense of integration and belonging to CHINT overseas big family.


The visits perfectly presented CHINT's core business and Chinese traditional culture. The biggest surprise of this international gathering was the warm welcome and friendly group photo with the Chairman, Nan Cunhui. He expressed warm greetings and expectations to all the overseas employees. Everyone now holds a deeper admiration of CHINT evolution over the years and they are certainly ready to make CHINT’s success greater and brighter in the future. Time is short, but friendship is everlasting.