The Roof of The Gas Station Becomes a Photovoltaic Power Station -- The First Project of Astronergy and Sinopec Has Officially Opened


Due to environmental pollution raising rate, green energy has recently turned into a global trend. It is a consensus that green energy gradually replaces traditional kerosene power generation. Among the green energies, solar photovoltaic power generation is favored for its advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, safety, practicality and aesthetics. Distributed photovoltaic power generation is supported by national policies because it does not occupy land and can make full use of idle resources of buildings. With the rapid development of photovoltaic industry, the concept of new energy gradually permeates into all walks of life. At the same time, more and more enterprises realize the importance of energy conservation and environmental protection and have started their own green process. Sinopec is one of the main representatives of this process.


Astronergy and Sinopec’s first project of is Hangzhou Nanhuan Road petrol station. Located at the intersection of Jucai Road and Nanhuan Road (No.1568 Nanhuan Road Binjiang district), the gas station covers are made of steel with double columns. The roof is made of color steel tile with a total area of 630m squared. In this project unit, a total of 8 series of components are installed, each of which is equipped with 22 285Wp polysilicon components. Total 176 pieces are installed with a total capacity of 50.16kwp. Besides, a 50kW series inverter is configured and it is connected to the power grid in the way of "self-use & surplus power online".


Astronergy has projects application everywhere in Hangzhou, just like the Hangzhou South & East Railway Stations, the civic center, Xiaoshan Airport, Ganglong City, HIK Vision, HAEP and even snack explorer Be & Cheery. The strategic cooperation with Geely and Cainiao Network is advancing in full swing. In Shaoxing, from CenturyMart to Hengwei Roca, Zhuji Xinnongdu International Trade City, Astronergy has established business cooperation with many commercial real estate projects.