First Order Victory -- CHINT Transformer Has Been Successfully Connected to the Power Grid of Egypt

02 ,01 ,2019


CHINT confirmed the transformer cooperation project with Smart Industrial of Egypt in April 2018 and successfully signed the cooperation agreement after nearly two months of preparation, screening and negotiation. Smart Industrial is one of ABB's best local partners of disk factory in Egypt.

The transformer network access process in Egypt is very difficult. The key to success depends on the joint cooperation of domestic and foreign technical sales staff. The temperature rising test requires manual data recording at each time interval which usually lasts for more than ten hours. After several months of joint efforts, CHINT transformer products were successfully connected with the network of the Egyptian power bureau on December 5, which marks the breakthrough of CHINT transformer distribution in Egyptian market from zero to one, and can directly bring millions or even tens of millions dollars of project sales opportunities in the future. Since then, CHINT has successfully occupied a foothold in Egypt's middle pressure field.