CHINT Solar System Donation Ceremony Closed Successfully in Brazil

11 ,10 ,2018

“CHINT, Turn on the Love” Solar System Donation Ceremony closed successfully on Aug 29th in the ENIE 2018 Exhibition. From Aug 28th to Aug 30th, CHINT received thousands of visitors in the booth and more than hundreds of clients witnessed the donation ceremony.The principal of the University of UNIFEBE, Mr. Gunther Lother Pertschy received the donation certificate from CHINT. 

The principal indicated: “From the donation of this solar kit, we’ll be able to develop extremely important researches for our region, and not only share the technology but also adapt it to suitable solutions according to the Brazilian reality.” 

A group of students from SENAI ( National Service for Industrial Training), a network of notfor-profit secondary level professional schools established and maintained by the Brazilian Confederation of Industry, also participated in the ceremony. These young engineers were impressed by the ceremony and hoped that “SENAI and CHINT together can build a better future”. 


During the three day exhibition, visitors have known and discovered a brand new CHINT. The client from Parceirao Company of Rondonia was surprised to know the different CHINT story in the exhibition and expressed his wish to deepen the collaboration with CHINT in Rondonia and Acre of Brazil. 

As the principal of UNIFEBE said, “we are quite confident about the term ‘Made in China’.Especially from the products produced by CHINT since it has a complete assumption of the

renewable energy issue. Currently, products ‘Made in China’ are, for us, a synonym of high quality”. 

“Made in China” will always be the pride of CHINT, who will return the world market with its high quality products and never forget its social responsibility.