CHINT Ambassador---Er. LIM SAY LEONG

1533016498330914-(1).jpgLim Say Leong, our CHINT Ambassador in CHINT Asia Pacific works closely with many colleagues in

various functions to support technical, marketing,production and sales in meeting with our customers and key stakeholders. 

Hosted by Sunlight Electrical Pte Ltd, a company of CHINT Group, as the Technical Director for the switchboards and control gears, Er. Lim has vast involvement in energy efficiency and productivity covering areas of industrial automation, power conversion, electric vehicle charging and renewal energy. 

With extensive experiences in product design, testing and certification of electrical equipment, he provided guidance and test methods that help made requirement for photovoltaic installation and use of plastic trunking to improve productivity and wiring method to public housings. 

A veteran on standards, he contributed Singapore and Malaysian Standards on electrical and electronics products and code of practices. Represent Singapore at IEC on switchgear standard and advisor to President of South Africa’s SABS on specification for circuit breakers. He represents Singapore in Working Group of IEC MT 121 responsible for IEC 61439 series of standards. Appointed the IEC Ambassador for a two-year term, 2018 to 2019. 

Say Leong, a PE and LEW studied diploma and degree in electrical engineering.Achievement both at work and public affair are the combination of his leadership quality, good interpersonal understanding, approachable and readiness to share.Mentor and coach young engineers on professional development. 

Received the ITE’s Distinguished Friends award curriculum advisory and bridging ITE with industry partners. Improve and enrich curriculum of electrical installation and intelligent buildings with KNX technology. 

Champion for the Diploma on Clean Energy at Singapore Polytechnic advisory committee to

ensure relevance and environment sustainability.Say Leong is the Deputy Chairman for Advisory

Committee in School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Singapore Polytechnic. He helps to

strength collaboration between SP and industries where further improve SP’s facilities and update

products, technology and experiments in energy system, and automation. 

Develop criteria for accreditation of energy and water efficiency management system at Singapore Accreditation Council. Confer the Singapore Standards Council’s Distinguish Award, SPRING Singapore’s Distinguished Partner Award. Serving as the Chairman of Electrical Testing in SAC, he has been promoting the good practices and benefits of having testing once and recognized everywhere. 

Consumer safety is at heart for Say Leong and has received CASE’s Silver Award for his long-time voluntary work to promote public safety and consumers’ interests. 

Say Leong does not believe in age and believes in working with people to continue journey of learning and sharing. This to grow and bring meaning to life. His last training was to be a barista for his own cup of coffee and is now learning CHINT products in details.