Project in Mozambique Came into Completion

25 ,11 ,2016

The 150MVA project contracted by world leading power rental company came into completion in Mozambique. President of Mozambique Mr. Armando Guebuza, UK ambassador to Mozambique and the Group Chief Executive of the power rental company presented at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The electricity in this project is powered by natural gas, which is designed to be supplied to South Africa and Mozambique. The products provided by CHINT T&D in the substation range from 275kV/45MVA Power Transformer,275kV Disconnector,363kV SF6 Circuit Breaker, 275kV Current Transformer, 275kV Capacitor Voltage Transformer and 330kV Surge Arrester.

Since the commissioning of the first transformer on 18 July, this project marks the milestone of CHINT T&D's development in the utility market of Mozambique and reinforces its cooperation with power rental companies on the advantages, which are crutial, the fast delivery and considerate services.