CHINT “World Cup” Kicked off


The summer of 2018 is doomed to be a soccer feast. The World Cup in Russia swept the world. To enrich the daily life of employees and promote the corporate culture, a “2018 CHINT Summer Soccer Tournament” was held on June by CHINT’s Shanghai plants with the active participation of CHINT Low Voltage, NOARK, CHINT Low Voltage Intelligent Electrical R&D Center and CHINT Power &CHINT ESS. 

The tournament is combined with round-robin and elimination. The first match took place between CHINT Low Voltage Intelligent Electrical R&D Center and CHINT Power& CHINT ESS.The final victory belonged to CHINT Low Voltage Intelligent Electrical R&D Center with a score of 7:1. The winner of the round-robin match was CHINT Low Voltage with two wins, one draw and one lose after 7 competitions. Alex Cai from CHINT Low Voltage won the “Best Shooter”with four goals and an excellent Hat-trick show in the competition. NOARK defeated CHINT Power & CHINT ESS with a score of 4:1 and finally won the Champion of CHINT’s "World Cup". 

The competition is aimed at entertainment, but the spirit of CHINT people shines in the game.Never give up and dare to fight have always been the characteristics of the CHINT people.Work well and live well is one of the important targets of CHINT for its employees because“people” is always the core of CHINT’s employer culture.