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CHINT Won the Bidding in CREC Ethiopian Railway Project

Recently, CHINT and its Ethiopian distributor OMICRON successfully won the bidding of the China Railway Ethiopian project to provide about 30,000 US dollars of switchgears, socket boxes and other products, these products are used in INDOLE STATION yard, the Joint Inspection and maintenance library , Sewage treatment stations, dry sand rooms, maintenance rooms, and so on.

It is reported that this railway is more than 320 kilometers, from Ethiopia Addis Ababa to Djibouti electrified railway, a total investment of about 10 billion RMB, including electrification system for 1.8 billion, construction and laying track share the rest investment. The project will be mainly built by the Ethiopian Railway Company, and local Ethiopia railway will be constructed by the China CREC railway, meanwhile that CCECC will contract the railway inside Djibouti. The railway section from Sebeta to Adama has already held the opening ceremony in October 2016, the rest will be built and open to traffic until the second quarter of next year.

The contract has already been completed successfully by CHINT in the end of August 2016. The customer is very satisfied with CHINT on-time delivery to ensure that their project will be start work on time. CHINT is also trying to communicate with the China Railway Ethiopian high-level companies to find more opportunities for cooperation by this project.