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CHINT Gained Acclaims from Ethiopia Hospital

In July, CHINT gained ETHIOTEBIB hospital project in Ethiopia successfully. CHINT provided substations and switchgear panel for the hospital. Good quality and professional service of CHINT gained acclaims from the hospital. ETHIOTEBIB hospital is a large-scale hospital in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia. It is equipped with the department of Children Hospital, Health and Care, Medical Diagnosis, Medication, etc.

It is known that HENOK, a loyal customer of CHINT, who introduced CHINT to ETHIOTEBIB hospital, cause of CHINT good quality. CHINT substations’ global reputation attracted the hospital when CHINT was quoting to ETHIOTEBIB about switchgears. Finally, CHINT not only got the contracts of switchgears, but also the contracts of substations.