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CHINT reaches new heights in Bulgaria

Recently, CHINT, with its Bulgarian distributor SEMO LTD, gained a project named Basoy from RUA Bulgaria.

SEMO LTD has cooperated with CHINT since 2003. It has developed several major exporting projects covering business with grids, projects and switchgear factories. These years,SEMO LTD always grows steadily and maintains a good credit.

The total contract value of the Basoy project is Euro 1,000,000. The project is located in Lomme, Bulgaria and will be completed within three years. CHINT will offer cables and relevant service for this project. CHINT has worked with the owner of the Basoy project before, a local water treatment company called RUA Bulgaria. But this is the first cooperation in cable business. The successful cooperation for the new product line relies on the trust from RUA company.