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CHINT Achieved New Breakthrough in Nicaragua Market

Recently, CHINT, together with its distributor DISTELSA, achieved a breakthrough in Nicaragua. Nicaragua is in central America and becomes famous for the excavation of the Nicaragua Canal these days. It is very challenging for CHINT to get into the Nicaragua market because there is no diplomatic relations between China and Nicaragua.

DISTELSA was founded in 2004 and familiar with the Nicaragua market. They have rich experience in importing trade and have a variety of customers from many industries such as mining, food processing, construction, OEM, and telecom etc. Meanwhile, they have built a good relationship with local government and electricity authority.

A 3-year distribution and project developing plan was signed between DISTELSA and CHINTCHINT. CHINT brand press conference has been prepared and will be held by both parties in Nicaragua, which will be a signal  for the formal entry of CHINT brand into Nicaragua market.