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Four Core Factors of Chint’s talent model

  • Dedicated:

    All employees are expected to recognize their job duties, step fully into the work, spare no effort to fulfill obligations, and have high sense of responsibility and mission;

  • Pioneering:

    All employees are encouraged to have strong desire for career success, constantly set challenging goals and pay attention to their own career development;

  • Honest:

    All employees are required to respect the truth, conduct behavior guided by the system and facts, not discriminate any person or any matter, keep promise and do work dutifully;

  • Cooperative:

    All employees are advocated to actively assume the related and interconnected responsibilities between different posts, or fill vacancy in absence of the duty person, collaborate efficiently, share experience and skills, and achieve goals with other team members together.


Chint’s Talent Concepts

We consider people as the most valuable treasure for the enterprise’s development. Our talent team is built on the following three bases: First, the long-term strategy serving for the Company; second, the creation and innovation serving for the company’s sustainable development; third, the career development serving for the employees. We dedicate to establishing a mechanism for talent selection, cultivation, deployment and retaining to advocate fair competition, self motivation, self-discipline and enable the excellent performer stand out above the rest, thus to inspire employees’ potential to the greatest extent and promote the common growth of of both Chint and the employees.

  • Recruitment by Multiple channels

    Chint implements the flexible talent introduction mode and linkage mechanism of “Respecting individual difference, conducting macro talent selection and micro talent cultivation”. We recruit talents of different disciplines through various channels, including online recruitment, headhunter, project cooperation, recommendation by experts and so on. The top talents are introduced via strategic merger or cooperation or other methods, and a talent pool, including nearly 10,000 middle and senior level professionals, has been built.

  • Comprehensive Cultivation

    Chint builds up its talent echelon through “Successor Program”, establishes a matrix-type training mode with expertise longitudinally and management skills and knowledge improvement horizontally based on the job requirements and development paths for the personnel of different positions and levels, and also effectively promotes the talent cultivation strategy of “Person and post, comprehensive and specialized, young and middle-aged” by fostering the management and professional teams.

  • Comprehensive Career Development

    Chint sets up a career development system, including 5 major career series, i.e. management, expertise, marketing, supporting service and production, and 32 career categories. We are bold to provide a stage for the excellent employees through a just and fair competition and appraisal mechanism, and employ many means, such as job rotation, job reshuffle, promotion and so on, to fully excavate their potential, allocate HR resources rationally, recruit capable people without overstressing qualifications, therefore culturing a batch of highly qualified management personnel.

  • All-around Compensational Stimulation

    Oriented by competence and performance, Chint has built up a multiple, overall and long-term stimulation mechanism with competitive “Compensation & Benefit & Stock Options” as well as a long-effective system for normal salary increase and promotion of employees, so that every employee can enjoy development achievements. Meanwhile, we offer targeted and personalized support in order to enhance employee satisfaction with the Company.

  • Employee Care

    Chint has been striving to create an atmosphere for “introducing and retaining the excellent talents”, and to constantly improve employees’ cultural, living and recreational environment to enrich their spare-time life. Our labor union shall help employees resolve their practical problems and guarantee their benefits. Besides, we have also established Employee Aid Foundation, Employee Emergency Assistance Mechanism and Mental Health Hotline to care for the employees’ physical and mental health,  thus to persistently enhance their life and work.