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R&D - Solar Product 

Focusing on the R&D of solar crystalline silicon and high-efficiency thin-film technology. The well-developed 2nd generation of high-efficiency silicon-based thin-film solar panel is one of the best thin-film cell products in global market nowadays, with international leading stable power efficiency of over 10%. Furthermore, the crystalline silicon solar panel technology developed by Chint is also at the forefront of the industry, and the mass-production efficiency of monocrystalline solar panel and polycrystalline silicon solar panel reach up to 19.5% and 17.8% respectively.

R&D - Power Transmission and Distribution Equipments

Engaging in the R&D of high-voltage transformer, smart GIS, high-voltage switch and systematic solution. In 2007, Chint was honored as the patent demonstration enterprise of Shanghai. The LW43-252 high-voltage circuit breaker won the “Second Grade National Prize for Science and Technology Progress” in the same year.

R&D - Low-voltage Electrical Products

Engaging in the R&D of solutions for low-voltage intelligent apparatus, PV system, building system and so on. Equipped with research laboratory and trial-manufacture center, for example, the electrical and temperature characteristics laboratory, electric arc research and short circuit breaking laboratory, life and operational reliability laboratory, low-voltage apparatus electromagnetic compatibility laboratory, lightning simulation laboratory, system laboratory, new energy laboratory, precision measurement laboratory, etc., distinctly shortening R&D period and guaranteeing R&D quality.

R&D - Instruments & Meters

Engaging in the R&D of energy measuring products and solutions. It has been insisting on innovation for years, and has established research partnership with domestic major power science R&D center, measurement science R&D center, and research institutions and several world-known electrical suppliers, such as Echelon, Electricité de France and so on, primarily forming a full-industrial chain innovation system integrating “industry, university, research institute, supplier, and user”. It is well equipped with a measurement room and product performance laboratory of relatively high technological level and complete functions, thus reliable quantity transmission is realized for product manufacturing equipment, and full-performance test is conducted to inspect the newly developed product or kinds of mass-produced products. The LonWorks field-bus technology based auto-reading system and the multifunction ammeter with harmonic measurement function independently developed by Chint reached the domestic leading level, and won the Award for Scientific Progress of China Machinery Industry, and the self-researched CCWZ127-5 low-voltage power line carrier auto-reading system was also inscribed on the list of China Torch Program.

Building Electrics R&D

Engaging in the R&D of electric products, including switch, leaking current fire protection switch, converter, multi-media information box, etc. The NEW6C switch and socket was inscribed on the list of China Torch Program and won the Award for Scientific Progress of China Machinery Industry in 2008.

R&D - Automobile Parts

Engaging in the R&D of automobile-related products, including relay, switch, horn, etc.

In recent years, nearly ten research projects of district, municipal and even provincial level of different subjects. Besides, it also made investment in about 100 research projects, and the proportion of annual R&D investment amounted to 4.2%. The car reversing radar, tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), car central CAN-bus system and body control module, automobile sensor and other devices are all applied effectively with good market reputation. Moreover, the Division has always been striving to conduct innovative projects, such as the BCM module, CAN-bus system, diesel motor ECU system, SCR system and so on.

Automatic System R&D

Committed to the research and application development of frontier technologies, including process automation, equipment automation, power automation, new energy informatization and the Internet of Things (IoT) controller, etc. It is well equipped with various environmental simulation testing equipment, online testing system, CAD system, computer management system and office automation system, controlled object simulation system and different types of control laboratories.

The research achievements are highly praised in numerous fields, such as power plant control, rail transport monitoring, CS2000 wind turbine generator system online electrical properties and mechanical properties monitoring and analysis, solar power plant remote monitoring and so on. Totally 180 patents have been successfully obtained in recent three years, of which, the “new generation of full-integration main control system” won the Second Prize of the National Award for Science and Technology Progress.